spherical Advantage

Spheres are nature’s ideal particle with the lowest surface area to volume ratio of any shape. This results in a lower resin and binder demand permitting formulations with high filler loadings, lower viscosities and reduced VOC’s compared to irregular shaped fillers.

Spheres also provide the advantage of significantly improved flow and workability which are all desirable in a range of applications, such as: Oilwell Cementing, Refractories & Foundries, Cementitious Construction Products, Joint-Compounds, Bitumen Sound-Dampening, Adhesives, and many more.

The use of SphereFill hollow, spherical fillers results in many beneficial properties.


We all need to reduce energy, fuel, packaging and transport costs for the good of the planet and our future. Formulating low density products where applicable with SphereFill helps achieve these goals and also makes the general use of products easier thereby reducing worker fatigue and improving safety.


SphereFill fillers behave like tiny ball bearings to improve workability, flow under pressure, reduce shrinkage, enhance isotropic properties and reduce resin, binder or water demand due to their low oil absorption level and high packing factor.

High Melting Point

SphereFill is formed at approx 1400 degrees centigrade resulting in an inert, pH neutral, durable material that is ideally suited for high temperature resistant applications where excellent thermal insulation, fire resistance and high strength to weight ratio are required.


The inert nature of SphereFill makes it suitable for any application and binder system. It is resistant to acids and alkalis and will not interfere with the chemistry of products into which it is formulated.


SphereFill starts life as a by-product that has not been intentionally produced and therefore has a very low carbon footprint. Extensive testing during European REACH registration demonstrated that cenosphere fillers, such as SphereFill, to be non toxic, non hazardous and harmless to the environment.

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